Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Take a Chance

Doing something new or that we always avoid can cause extreme amounts of anxiety, can't it?

You know what I do when I want to clear my path and move in a more abundant direction, but can't seem to get past my fears about doing what may seem to others like the smallest things?

I think about someone I know or have met alone the way that has impressed me with their bravery, their willingness to go beyond their comfort zone and to rise out of the ashes.

And then I tell myself, if he/she can do it, I can find the strength to rise above, to challenge myself, to leap across the waters once again.

And then, once I succeed, I make sure to send a prayer or positive energy out to him/her into the universe...after all, that person trailblazed the waters for me to make it another day.

Just for today, think about someone who has led the way in your life and set an example of exactly what IS possible in the world. Then send out a thank you to him/her and go out there and challenge yourself in the person's honor!


  1. I like that idea. I am embarking on the adventure of buying a bigger boat. We shall see. Nothing ventured nothing gained.