Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Learn to Say Please and Thank You

How many times have you demanded something in your addiction...whether it be more boos, more attention, more money or more time off.

That sense of entitlement is not only what got you sick, but, more importantly, what kept you there.

It is amazing how when we let others know we appreciate their help and that we don't feel it is ours for the taking, they actually want to help us.

Just for Today, don't take advantage of anyone else's generosity. And, remember, to always thank others when they offer you help.


  1. So very true. I was raised with manners, my kids were raised with manners and they are applied or ignored. They are quick learners thank goodness. :-O) Tammy

  2. Your "just for today" is really easy for me...that's the way I YAM, sober, and used to be (mostly) even drunk!

    However, a reminder it is, and I shall be more aware. thanks! Now I gotta go see my FAVORITE guy Sam, and what HE has to say.....