Monday, March 15, 2010

How Important Is It?

Winning isn't everything...

especially when it means losing...

something or someone else.

Despite what we've been taught,

letting others know we know what is right is not helpful; especially since we didn't know what was right for us to begin with.

Getting sober means forgetting about being the boss and digesting a better way of living.

A way that doesn't always mean we are right, but that, no matter what, we can FEEL alright.

Just for today, let someone else prove you wrong. You will be surprised at how much more you will like yourself afterwards...


  1. Blythe you must be a carpenter--you hit the nail on the head every time...Sammy, also!

    How can I let someone prove me wrong...when I'm always RIGHT??? LOL!

    Seriously, I can try that out Tuesday morning at my 7AM meeting. Thanks! Hope I remember to report to you about it...


  2. I have learned that I definitely don't have to win...arguments, discussions, etc. I can just participate and see where it all goes. And I have learned to keep my mouth shut and listen.