Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do Something that Challenges You

Ever wanted to climb a mountain, bake a pie, do a crossword puzzle or run a mile?

Then DO it.

Or, at least, take the steps you need to take to find success in that area.

In early recovery (or anytime at all), it is easy to forget that you got clean to LIVE.

And part of living is doing things that we really WANT to do, but that we are afraid we might not do well.

So what if your pie isn't perfect. So what if you only climb halfway...

The bottom line is that you are thinking new things doing new things and forming a life of self-imposed challenges.

In the beginning, getting clean/sober may be the greatest challenge on which you ever embark; however, the result will be the desire to challenge yourself and grow more and more and more....

Just for today, ACT don't think.


  1. It is so funny you mention bake a pie! One thanksgiving as a newly married gal I proudly rolled out my dough, cut it to size, placed it in my pie plate and filled her with apples and all the glorious yummy spices that go with. I baked that pie it's 55 minutes, took off the foil from the edges etc.... Took the pie out of the oven and let her cool. I thought, "what a happy mess". Kids and hubs were cool with it. Hubs says, "baby, it's not how food looks. It's wether it eats good". It was gone by morning.

    I was so scared to screw it up under pressure of the holiday and gave myself permission to ruin it. I must have relaxed enough to finish it but to have it eat good too.... heaven.

    One step, one day at a time. You never know when you might make pie.

  2. Page 132 in Big Book: "We absolutely insist on enjoying life."

    AND, same page...

    "We are not a glum lot"

    So, as you say, instead of thinking the bad times, ACT the good times!

  3. brilliant comments today..thanks to both of you:)