Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Take Out the Garbage

If you are having a hard time focusing on the positive things in life, take out the garbage...


do the dishes


fold some laundry.....or pay a bill....

The point is, sometimes the easiest way to unravel your negative thinking is to do the next right thing in front of you...

This focus on the obvious and on the realities of life will not only take you out of yourself for a minute, but it may even temper a craving to drink, to drug or to get involved in somebody else's business.

Just for Today, focus on the simple things. In the long run, it is the simple things that make for a happy life.


  1. I like the slogan Keep It Simple. It sums up so much that I need to remember daily.

  2. You may not believe this, but I take out the garbage, do ALL the dishes, and do the laundry.
    Never got around to paying the bills, though.

    And I don't even remember a tornado coming through our house, but one must have, because my desks look like tornadoes hit both of them squarely!

    I've already commented on Sam's blog...he writes well.