Sunday, October 4, 2009

When Someone Throws a Raw Egg at You....


Yes, this did happen to me this evening.

I was unassumingly standing at a bus stop (after already been lost on the train for an hour) and, shazam, I felt a bang, then an ooze.

And, there it was. A raw egg cracked right on my favorite jeans.

Well, there were two choices. Laugh or go into a temper tantrum of self-pity and rage.

Soooo, after an internal struggle with myself as to what I was going to do.....I chose to laugh.

Whether you are new in recovery or just a person in the world trying to live a happy life, the latter choice is always better.

Just for Today, recognize that you can't afford to spend valuable life energy on free-floating anger, or even anger about getting hit by someone else's "mess." After all, you don't need to be left with that "mess" all day.

Laughing is just the better option.

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