Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do Something for Free

Does early sobriety feel boring to you sometimes?


In other words, if you are having a hard time figuring out "what to do with myself," now that you are sober, you simply are not EVEN CLOSE to being alone.

Here is a suggestion. Get your thinking skills going again and seek out any and all free activities you can find where you live (either city promoted or YOU promoted).

Concerts, open yoga classes, long walks, snow skiing, sun bathing, movies in the park, bubble baths, drawing, or jumping up and down...

The point is, that you give yourself the power to do two things here:

-find yourself being creative again and less BORING in your own thinking (because that is really the thing that gets boring, not life) and build self-esteem by saving money in the process.

Just for today, don't be a curmudgeon, notice all the free fun around you.


  1. Well, I have not felt bored OR boring, for a long time. But I also have not been checking out the "free" stuff around here. The Gulf of Mexico has always been free...let's see, what else?

    Oh yeah, the Gulf of Mexico! How boring --grin!


  2. I don't have any trouble with boredom. In fact, I find that I'm thrilled with so many things now that I feel alive. It's a good feeling.

  3. Great to hear so many positive outcomes of the recovery process..
    it sure does work:)