Monday, September 14, 2009

Step it Out...

If you are someone who tends to ISOLATE, then you are rightfully aligned with most newly recovering addicts.

The bad news about this is two-fold:

Your drug of choice isolated you anyway, so why continue to do the same thing when you are clean (you got clean to get better)


Isolation is like a cess pull of fungus that just feeds on your disease and makes you feel more lonely, depressed, isolated, fearful and anxious (the OPPOSITE) of why you bothered to start your life over again from a sober perspective.



Since there can be some balance between isolating and throwing yourself in front of a mass of people, which can also be too overwhelming in early recovery, try something in-between. Sit in the sun, change your walking pattern to the office, read at the coffee shop down the street instead of in your bed...that kind of thing.

Just changing your scenery can make a world of difference.

Try this on for size.

Your disease is most likely the only "thing" that has ever REALLY tried to kill you, so why would you EVER lock yourself up alone with it?

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